How To Be A 3% Man, Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams

56c8350c03d09.jpeg Author Corey Wayne
Isbn 9781411673366
File size 271.3 Kb
Year 2013
Pages 270
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Relationships

Book Description:

This book changed my life. Years before even hearing about this book I met the woman of my dreams. The issue was not finding the woman of my dreams, but having the chance to date her. This woman went away faster than she arrived and I never dated her.
Ironically, I first heard of this book while reading a Men's Health magazine. Like many men out there, I thought improving my physique would be the answer to attracting and dating beautiful women. Deep down i knew something was missing though. Despite creating a great physique for myself, women did not approach me and i certainly did not risk approaching them. Also, I saw some of the scrawniest men dating beautiful women!
I decided to stop spinning my wheels and buy the book finally. It taught me that physique was only a small piece of the pie. A great physique is only a symptom of self improvement, a principle that this book places great emphasis on. In fact, I've learned that attracting beautiful women is a symptom of being your best self.
I am now dating the woman of my dreams I mentioned before and have been for 9 months. This book not only teaches men how to grow some stones and approach women with amazing confidence, it teaches men how to continuously improve themselves, sustain a loving relationship and just have fun with it.
Thanks for all the priceless knowledge and encouragement to take action, Corey Wayne! Thank you for teaching me that it is my birthright to be truly in love with the woman of my dreams.


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