A Handbook of 2019 nCoV Pneumonia Control and Pre by China doctors

1585477500(1) Author China doctors
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Year 2018
Pages 108
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Book Description:

The outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has posed a serious threat to people's health.However, the
prevention and control of such a sudden outbreak requires more scientific knowledge and the participation of the public, so
that the disease can be defeated and the epidemic can be controlled.
"New coronavirus pneumonia prevention manual" to enhance the public and the relevant professional understanding
and the understanding of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia and guide the individual prevention, to reduce the risk of
transmission for the purpose, with concise words and clear pictures of the major problems related to the new type of
coronavirus pneumonia and doubt, both focus on the current focus of attention problems, and pay attention to solve specific
details in the prevention, is a new type of coronavirus pneumonia in current urgent need to prevent the spread of reader.
The new type of coronavirus pneumonia prevention manual compiled personnel perennial work in infectious disease
prevention, clinical and scientific research, has a profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, they write
published the book in a timely manner, will be in the current new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control of the
battle, and related professionals to provide important reference for the masses, to effectively improve the ability of social
prevention play an important role


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