Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective And Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques

5627af98913a1.jpg Author Nancy Reyner
Isbn 9781440327032
File size 187.8 MB
Year 2013
Pages 144
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Drawing

Book Description:

This book is a wonderful reference, and the spiral binding makes it very practical to use in the studio. Ms. Reyner has done an excellent job explaining each technique in a straightforward manner without extraneous gibberish. All the information is useful, particularly when the author recommends specific brands that work well for particular techniques. The way the book is set up allows readers to start anywhere and skip around to whatever interests them. Artistic brains love that.

this book blazes new creative territory with 50 techniques that harness the artistic power of light. Ranging from subtle glazing on metal leaf, to pearly sheens, to boldly colored optical effects and glossy surfboard finishes, these approaches represent the most requested aspects of Nancy Reyner's popular workshops.

  • 50 eye-catching techniques feature metal leaf, reflective paints, pouring, fluorescent and phosphorescent paints, refractive layering and optical color effects.
  • Possibilities are vividly illustrated with diverse work from 44 artists.
  • A "Crash Course on Acrylic" chapter offers an overview of how to use these versatile paints and products to their fullest potential.

This hands-on guide provides clear step-by-step directions to successfully execute these new and exciting techniques. Explore matte skin construction, sheen shifting, embedding objects, patinas and polished stone effects. Use these approaches for organic, abstract or realistic backgrounds, top layers, or accents layered in between...combine, experiment, and let your paintings shine.


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