Acrylicworks – The Best Of Acrylic Painting: Ideas And Techniques For Today’s Artists

56323a3c24928.jpg Author Nancy Reyner
Isbn 978-1440328862
File size 13.1 Mb
Year 2014
Pages 144
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Drawing

Book Description:

A tribute to the expressiveness of today's artists and the incredible versatility of the medium,AcrylicWorks features 126 contemporary masterpieces. This stunning collection covers a wide range of styles and subjects from intimate portraits and ultra-realistic wildlife paintings to sweeping landscapes and bold abstracts. Captions reveal the unique creative story behind each piece and offer tips and techniques from top acrylic artists.

Arguable no other medium offers such a breadth of creative opportunities, from transparent veils of color to juicy impasto strokes. Acrylics allow artists the freedom to move from layer to layer quickly and intuitively, without waiting for paint to dry...or, when used with additives, time to work the paint for wet-into-wet applications. Combined with colored pencil, oil, collage, gels, pastes, and a wealth of other complementary mediums, the opportunities for texture and experimentation are endless. The results--as you'll see inside--are diverse, original and unabashedly acrylic.


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