The Acute Poorly Performing Sport Horse: Cesmas 2008

The Acute Poorly Performing Sport Horse: Cesmas 2008 Author Arno Lindner
Isbn 9789086860722
File size 5.6MB
Year 2008
Pages 192
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

The determination and management of performance-limitation in sport horses is very challenging, especially within a short time period before an important competition. In this book experts disclose their experience on: -What do we know about the poor performance horse? -The gastrointestinal tract: medical, nutritional and surgical considerations.-Could it be the heart? -Could it be the muscles? -Monitoring orthopaedic health in competition horses.-Could it be the foot? -Could it be neurological? -Cases where physiotherapy helped to make a difference.-Could it be respiratory?


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