Advanced Technologies In Biodiesel: New Advances In Designed And Optimized Catalysts

(Thermal Science and Energy Engineering Collection)

579004ed64973.jpg Author Aminul Islam
Isbn 9781606505045
File size 19.4 MB
Year 2014
Pages 196
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

The inadequacy of fossil fuel is the main driving force of the future sustainable energy around the world. Since heterogeneous catalysis is used in chemical industry for biodiesel production, achieving optimal catalytic performance is a significant issue for chemical engineers and chemists. Enormous attention has been placed in recent years on the selection of heterogeneous catalyst in biodiesel industry, where the catalyst could be facilitated highly selective toward desired products, easily handled, separated from the reaction medium, and subsequently reused. This book stresses an overview on the contributions of tailored solid acid and base catalysts to catalytic biodiesel synthesis, and the in uences of heterogeneous catalyst properties on biodiesel yield in order to develop a better understanding of catalyst design for the green production process as well as practical applications in the biodiesel industry.


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