Aeronautics Innovation:: NASA's Challenges and Opportunities

58c3a334ba97b.jpeg Author Committee on Innovation Models for Aeronautics Technologies
Isbn 9780309101882
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Year 2006
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Book Description:

NASA is a global leader in aeronautics research and development â€" fostering advances in aviation safety and emissions, propulsion technology, and many other areas. And the agency's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) has played a vital role in the U.S. aeronautics industry. In recent years, the directorate's leaders and experts outside the agency have sought ways to speed innovative uses of ARMD's research results. But the directorate faces management challenges that make it difficult for such applications to succeed â€" or to occur at all. This report from the National Academies' National Research Council, offers the agency guidance on how to manage the transfer of technology to external users, as well as implement flexible personnel and financial-management practices. The report also points out problems that stem from a lack of agreement on ARMD's future direction and several years of federal budget cuts.


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