Age Becomes Us: Constructions Of Bodies And Gender

Suny Series in Feminist Criticism and Theory

Age-Becomes-Us-Constructions-Of-Bodies-And-Gender Author Leni Marshall
Isbn 9781438456973
File size 1.5 MB
Year 2015
Pages 214
Language English
File format PDF
Category Politics and Sociology

Book Description:

In lively, accessible prose, this book expands the reach and depth of age studies. A review of age studies methods in theory, literature, and practice leads readers to see how their own intersectional identities shape their beliefs about age, aging, and old age. This study asks readers to interrogate the texts of menopause, self-help books on aging, and foundational age studies works. In addition to the study of these nonfiction texts, the poetry and prose of Doris Lessing, Lucille Clifton, and Louise Erdrich serve as vehicles for exploring how age relations work, including how they invoke readers into kinships of reciprocal care as "othermothers," "otherdaughters," and "otherelders." The literary chapters examine how gifted storytellers provide enactments, portrayals, and metaphorical uses of age to create transformative potential."


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