Antennas and Propagation for Body-centric Wireless Communications, Second Edition

51ZQA8YOueL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Peter S. Hall
Isbn 9781608073764
File size 11MB
Year 2012
Pages 410
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hardware

Book Description:

Are you a practitioner in the area of on-body wireless systems? If you are, then this book is for you. Author and editors Peter S. Hall, University of Birmingham, Yang Hao, Queen Mary College, and the University of London), have done an outstanding job of writing a second edition of a book that provides you with complete and current details on the theory, design, and applications of wireless antennas for on-body wireless systems.

The authors and editors, begin with an overview of body-centric communications. Next, they discuss the electromagnetic properties of the body, including material properties.
Then, the authors and editors give an overview of on-body channels at microwave frequency bands and a brief review of applications of microwave on-body communications from current handset-header communications to future applications, such as support for medical sensor networks and emergency personnel. In addition, they also investigate on-body wireless communications at low frequency bands and give an overview of on-body channel performance at these frequencies. The authors and editors then give an overview of UWB as an enabling technology for body-centric communications. Then, they introduce wearable antennas for cellular for cellular and WLAN communications, and is aimed primarily at communications from on to off the body. The authors and editors then explore body-sensor networks, including the basics of biomedical RF telemetry and biosensor systems. Next, they discuss antennas and propagation for telemedicine. The authors and editors continue by examining antennas and propagation for wireless implants. Finally, they explore the art of body-centric wireless communications.

This most excellent book discusses the ever-growing miniaturization of electronic devices. More importantly though, combined with recent developments in wearable computer technology, is leading to the creation of a wide range of devices that can be carried by their user in a pocket or otherwise attached to their body.


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