The Art of Chinese Swordsmanship: A Manual of Taiji Jian

587db3dea7939.jpeg Author Zhang Yun
Isbn 9780834804128
File size 30.4MB
Year 1998
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Most Westerners are familiar with Taiji Quan (often spelled T'ai Chi Ch'uan), the graceful, dancelike exercise movements practiced by the Chinese to promote health and longevity. However, many do not realize that Taiji is also a martial art, and that it includes practice with weapons, including the ancient sword called jian. As with Taiji Quan, the practice ofTaiji Jian is based on Chinese yin-yang, five-elements, and Daoist philosophical concepts, and combines meditation, martial, and healing arts.

The Art of Chinese Swordsmanship is the first complete English-language introduction to Taiji Jian. It describes the history of jian swordsmanship, its fundamental principles, and its essential form of thirty-two postures, including a thorough discussion of both internal and external components. Written by a master who has practiced the sword form for twenty-five years, it will allow interested Westerners to study and practice this rewarding path to physical and mental well-being.


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