Joss Whedon, A Creative Portrait

A wonderful book on Whedon for both total novices and long-term Whedon fans. Lavery's approach is very fresh and quite apropos to his subject -- a study of creativity more than a straight-up biography -- and his writing is as fun and accessible as it is erudite and researched. Lavery has been a master of TV Studies for some time, and with this book he shows himself quite adept at Auteur Theory, as well.

The Pleasures of the Imagination

"The Pleasures of the Imagination is a splendid cornucopia of a book. It describes the contortions of the eighteenth century as it developed a culture... It is full of pure delight... The marvel of this book is that in writing in exuberant detail about the past, Brewer succeeds in illuminating the present... This book wears its massive scholarship lightly. I hope some of our new political masters have time to read it, for it is a his...

The Rameau Compendium

This wonderful volume offers readers everything you've always wanted to know about Rameau and were afraid to ask because the information was simply not readily available, clear or easily found. Mr. Sadler's thorough research and crystal clear writing presents the genius and person of Rameau in a realistic and rational setting. Each entry is fascinating and they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. A useful volume for just about anyo...

Architetture nel tempo. Dialoghi della materia, nel restauro

"Architetture nel tempo" rappresenta la consapevolezza della durata, della permanenza, dell'autenticità dei luoghi attraverso i secoli e nella continua, loro, contemporaneità affidata alla conservazione che trasmette al futuro, al dialogo fra antica e nuova architettura, al progetto di restauro. Non solo quindi manufatti eccellenti ma anche architetture della quotidianità, manufatti della necessità oltre che della volontà simbolica e...

Raw Flows. Fluid Mattering in Arts and Research

The word ‘fluid’ describes a phenomenon as well as a material property. Of special interest is how aspects of fluidity influence the active and direct handling of materials and how its special characteristics are expressed in experimental practices and thinking patterns. The motivation for focusing on fluidity as a prerequisite for ‘becoming’ and the nature of processes originated from the art-based ‘Liquid Things’ research project. ...

Swans of the Kremlin: Ballet and Power in Soviet Russia

"This well-documented and thorough account of the artistic and political maneuvering that took place in Soviet ballet covers the first five decades of Soviet power, but its main focus is the complex ideology of the Khrushchev era and its various pressures on ballet. Christina Ezrahi shows that this pressure was a two-way process that involved what she has termed artistic repossession: artists' ability to maintain a semblance of artis...

Bodies of Clay

Since the earliest use of pottery, vessels have been associated with both the general shape and specific parts of the human body. The production of human-shaped pottery might be understood as one element of the spectrum of figural art in prehistoric communities. The idea of studying anthropomorphic pottery and the return of human beings into a body made of clay, which forms the core theme of this collection of 12 papers, stems from w...

Polish Style in the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach

Now appearing in an English translation, this book by Szymon Paczkowski is the first in-depth exploration of the Polish style in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach spent almost thirty years living and working in Leipzig in Saxony, a country ruled by Friedrich August I and his son Friedrich August II, who were also kings of Poland (as August II and August III). This period of close Polish-Saxon relations left a significant impri...

Promotional Screen Industries

"This is a landmark study and a compelling account of productive fieldwork across media in the promotional screen industries. Sets a methodological standard for future production studies research. Its careful, interview-based, multi-year ethnography mines theoretical insights from complex creative labor and institutional practices rather than from textual theories. The book effectively underscores the clear value of scholar-practitio...

Music Performance Issues: 1600-1900

With some justification, a commentator has described today's typical early-music performance style as the most modern thing around, despite its claim for historical accuracy. Early accounts reveal this to be a valid assessment, for today's technology and high education standards give us a massive advantage. In contrast to music composition, which needs no technology, music execution requires skills that can be greatly enhanced throug...