Authentic Recipes From Japan

563d8b667f198.jpg Author Heinz Von Holzen, Takayuki Kosaki, and Walter Wagner
Isbn 9780794602093
File size 11.2 MB
Year 2015
Pages 112
Language English
File format MOBI
Category Cookbooks

Book Description:

Prize-winning chef Takayuki Kosaki, was born in Ishikawa Prefecture. In 1994 he became Chef de Cuisine at Hyatt Regency Osaka's finest Japanese Restaurant, Irodori.

Walter Wagner, Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Osaka since its opening in 1994, gained experience in his native Switzerland and abroad. Since coming to Japan in 1988, he has been drawn to the aesthetics of Japanese cuisine.
The essence of Japan is captured right here in this beautifully made cookbook!

More than any other cuisine in the world, Japanese food is a complete aesthetic experience—a delight for the eyes, the nose and the palate. The desire to enhance rather than to alter the essential quality of fresh seasonal ingredients results in a cuisine that is unique, a tribute to nature and what people can create from it.

In Authentic Recipes from Japan, the essence of Japanese cooking is captured in a collection of recipes ranging from essential stocks, sauces and pickles, to rustic one-pot dishes such as soba noodles to the popular bento box and everything in between. This fascinating Japanese cookbook, with recipes gathered and photographed in Japan, also explains the correct use of ingredients and the way Japanese meals are traditionally structured and presented.

The secret to preparing Japanese cuisine at home is an understanding of a few very simple ingredients and of how a meal is composed; the culinary methods used are actually very easy to master. But the most important requirement of all is simply a love for good food prepared and presented with a sense of harmony.

Recipes include:
Mixed Chicken and Vegetable Yakitori
Rice with Green Tea and Wasabi
Fresh Shellfish Sashimi
Abalone Simmered in Sake and Ginger
Seared Tataki Beef
Oyster and Miso Hotpot
Sweetened Azuki Bean Paste


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