Cracking Codes with Python : An Introduction to Building and Breaking Ciphers
Cracking Codes with Python

As a Python tutorial, it is superb - comprehensive, well organized and painless. Follow along with the exercises and you'll end up with a good working knowledge of the language. Each succeeding chapter introduces more and more complex and useful language constructs, each of which is identified in the accompanying text and clearly explained. Indeed, it is the use of constructs like lists and dictionaries that make Python the very valu...

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python not only teaches you how to write in secret ciphers with paper and pencil. This book teaches you how to write your own cipher programs and also the hacking programs that can break the encrypted messages from these ciphers. Unfortunately, the programs in this book won’t get the reader in trouble with the law (or rather, fortunately) but it is a guide on the basics of both cryptography and the Python ...

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

If you've ever spent hours renaming files or updating hundreds of spreadsheet cells, you know how tedious tasks like these can be. But what if you could have your computer do them for you? In Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, you'll learn how to use Python to write programs that do in minutes what would take you hours to do by hand—no prior programming experience required. Step-by-step instructions walk you through each program,...