Action Analysis for Animators

Action Analysis is one of the fundamental princples of animation that underpins all types of animation: 2d, 3d, computer animation, stop motion, etc. This is a fundamental skill that all animators need to create polished, believable animation. An example of Action Analysis would be Shrek's swagger in the film, Shrek. The animators clearly understood (through action analysis) the type of walk achieved by a large and heavy individual (...

Animation: The Mechanics of Motion

Covering everything from familiar walk cycle techniques to character design, animal motion to sound synchronisation, each section is succinct and easy to follow...A well-researched guide that should be of use to animators of all skills and abilities. He makes a complicated subject understandable and he makes it sound fun to do. Webster's book will give you an understanding of how the various parts of animation are done and the book i...