How to Draw Cat's Face: with Colored Pencils

One step-by-step tutorial. How to draw close-up cat's face with colored pencil in a realistic style. How to draw cat's face: Colored Pencil Guides for Kids and Adults, Step-By-Step Drawing Tutorial How to Draw Cute Cat in Realistic Style, Learn to Draw Pets and Animals, How to Draw, Close-up Eyes

How to Draw Realistic Portraits: with colored pencils

In this book you will find five drawing tutorials (+ one tutorial bonus) with simple explanations, tricks and tips about drawing lifelike people with colored pencils. Every tutorial consists of 6- 20 steps and short explanation for each step based on the author's personal experience. Learn to draw a smooth skin with colored pencils (dream of many), to erase the lines of pencil with another colored pencil, to create a highlights, and ...

How To Draw Pets: With Colored Pencils

In this book you will find seven unique step-by-step pet drawing tutorials plus two wild animal drawing tutorials bonus. Every tutorial consists of 6-13 color illustrations and short explanation for each step based on author's personal experience. All aspects of working with colored pencils are covered, including layering, blending, mixing and building up color..... This book can be a perfect gift for the animal lovers, particularly ...

How To Draw Animals With Colored Pencils: Learn To Draw Realistic Animals

I've just started working with colored pencils, and this book has been pretty helpful in learning some of the techniques, like layered coloring and more proportional drawing. I really suck at drawing eyes, for example, but the diagrams and simple line drawings in this book made it easier. I'd like to see more birds, though. I just really dig birds. Fifteen unique drawing tutorials with simplest explanations, tricks and tips about dra...