Chum-Kiu: "Seeking-Arms" - The Intermediate WingTsun kungfu set. The Set, Theory, Main Points, Mottos & Applications

Chum Kiu is the intermediate set of Wing Tsun kungfu, which should normally be learnt after the Siu-Nim-Tau set. As its name implies, Chum Kiu means the techniques aiming at "seeking the bridge arms of the opponent." In addition, the deeper meaning of Chum Kiu says that the practitioner is to learn how to "look for a bridge" between him and his opponent so he can easily detect the directions of attacks from his opponent.

Siu Nim Tau: "Little-Idea" - The First WingTsun kungfu set. The Set, Theory, Main Points, Mottos & Applications

About this bookSiu Nim Tau or literally translated as the 'Little Idea' is the first bare-handed kungfu set of the WingTsun system. In this book you'll learn the set theory main-points mottoes and applications of Siu Nim Tau.About the AuthorProfessor Leung Ting is the founder of the Leung Ting WingTsun system permanent president and 10th level Master of Comprehension MOC of the International Wingtsun Association. He possessed a Bache...

Roots and Branches of Wing Tsun

For 18 years of research, this book illustrates the most comprehensive detailed information, descriptions, and analysis of different stories, origins, concepts, and techniques of Wing Tsun (Wing Chun). The photographs, illustrations of different Wing Tsun sets, and shocking insights on Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) are disclosed the first time. This book is an indispensable collection for martial artists.

Wing Tsun Kuen

The most complete book for Wing Tusn system has been written, including history and story of Wing Tsun (Wing Chun), fighting methods of the three forms-Siu-Nim-Tau (little idea), Chum-Kiu (arm-seeking), Biu-Tze (thrusting-fingers), Muk-Yan Chong (wooden dummy) techniques, Chi Sau (clinging arm) training and strength development.

116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques

116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques is finally back in print and written by Master Yip Chun the son of Master Yip Man who taught Bruce Lee. This is an awesome book for those who study the Chinese Art of Wing Tsun. 130 pages filled with easy to follow photos and as well a poster that folds out for you to follow. The techniques are performed by the Master himself Yip Man so what you will learn is the same basics as Bruce Lee learnt fom the ...