The Beginner’s Guide To Photographing Nudes

5621a10909b2d.jpg Author Peter Bilous
Isbn 978-1584282631
File size 11.4 MB
Year 2015
Pages 126
Language English
File format EPUB, MOBI
Category Photo

Book Description:

A comprehensive, superbly organized script for successful photography of the nude ...beneficial to both new and veteran photographers. A concise and detailed presentation accompanied by pertinent illustrations ensures success. The author covers every aspect of the photographic process from initial concepts to camera and lighting decisions; to selection and interactions with models; to locations; to the photographic experience itself; to final editing and printing, in a clear direct manner. Any questions or concerns a photographer might consider or be uncertain about are addressed frankly and professionally in this text.

Teaching beginners how to enter into the field of professional nude photography, this guide discusses a wide-range of topics—from concept through the actual shoots to editing and review. Approached systematically, the easy flow of steps provide invaluable insight into determining artistic versus commercial imagery, finding models who suit the work’s goal, techniques for working with models, selecting the appropriate environment and lighting, maintaining direction and a quick pace during a session, and processing the images and experiences. Also included is information on creating a website, designing a portfolio, and preparing for gallery presentation. The ideas and direction expressed in this volume are designed as a starting point for even greater artistic expression or commercial success with photographing nudes.


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