Beginning Perl Programming: Self-Study Guide & Student Manual

Beginning Perl Programming: Self-Study Guide & Student Manual Author William "Bo" Rothwell
Isbn 9781523839209
File size 2.41MB
Year 2018
Pages 344
Language English
File format PDF
Category Software

Book Description:

Using this hands-on guide, learn how to:

  • Perform operations on scalar values
  • Use scalar, array and associative array variables
  • Use flow control statements such as if, unless, while, until, for and foreach
  • Use conditional expressions such as numeric and string comparison, regular expressions, file testing and Perl statements
  • Create and use file handles to read and write directly to files
  • Create format statements to make formatted output
  • Use regular expressions to search for and replace sub-strings within a string
  • Use Perl utilities such as split, join, index and substr
  • Control the file system and processes from within a Perl script
  • Create and use functions including handling the scope of variables
  • Import existing modules into your Perl script


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