Beyond Sex Roles 3rd Edition

What the Bible Says about a Woman's Place in Church and Family

0057d3ab_medium Author Gilbert Bilezikian
Isbn 0801031532
File size 15.3MB
Year 2006
Pages 270
Language English
File format PDF
Category Family and Friendship

Book Description:

The argument in the 21 century church about keeping a woman in her (lesser) place is much like the pro-slavery argument in the church of 1850. The pro-slavery forces had seemingly irrefutable scriptural "proof texts"on which to base their claim. The argument was eventually settled when people began to look at the entire context of the Bible, and view those isolated "proof texts" through that greater lens. For all intents and purposes, Christians no longer seriously argue in favor of putting human beings in slavery. It's a dead issue.

This book takes the same approach with the question of a woman's place in the church and the home. Bilezikian begins with the Bible as a simple outline: Creation- Fall- Redemption. He then begins tracing the history of mankind in Genesis 1-3, building an air-tight case that men and women were equal prior to the fall, with neither one in authority over the other. The fall introduced male rule over women, not as a punishment, but as an effect. And he effectively makes the case that redemption restores God's original will and order.

From this solid foundation, every other scriptural reference relating to the women's issue is examined and discussed. By the time the patriarchal "proof texts" are covered, they can be understood through the lens of the overarching themes of the greater Biblical context, rendering them powerless to keep women in bondage as second class Christians. Bilezikian makes great sense of all of it.

The extensive scripture index gives reference to 20 Old Testament books, and all books from the New Testament except 2 John, 3 John, and Jude. And the book ends with a summary section, and a question and answer session.

It is thorough, filled with scripture, and an excellent teaching tool and reference.


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