Bioenergy Breakthrough: Nourish Your Brain – Restore Your Health

565bd39583b40.jpg Author Terry A. Rondberg
Isbn 978-1511725309
File size 2.2 MB
Year 2015
Pages 348
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Healthcare

Book Description:

Is it time to reboot and recharge your brain?
Brain health equals health for your body and mind. Ever been told "It's all in your head?" In this case it's a good thing. Learn what Dr. Rondberg's brain-based wellness system means for you. It is a groundbreaking practice of care that results in optimal health and wellness for each individual. Dr. Rondberg's respected career and diverse training has enabled him to develop Bioenergy. Whether you are a doctor, wellness professional, or lay person, this book moves you forward on a wellness journey that is a life changer!
Bioenergy is like taking your brain to the spa...
What is amazing about the Bioenergy system of wellness care, is how Dr. Rondberg combines his training in the ancient wisdom of acupressure's meridian point therapy, Ayurveda and massage, integrated into modern psychology, tapping, and current neuroscience—all to benefit you. Bioenergy provides the best potential for healing your body and mind, no matter your age, health concerns, or current condition(s). It relies on the body's innate ability to neutralize chronic stress that is detrimental to your health, and an underlying cause of illness that is in epidemic proportions in today's society.
The world's greatest drugstore is inside of you. Enhance your body's ability to do what it does best, self-heal—naturally. This book shows you how to take more control of your health, and makes what may seem impossible, possible.
Dr. Rondberg guides you to achieve your highest health potential through Bioenergy, a proven system of wellness care that offers help and renews hope.

Dr. Terry Rondberg has hit the bull's eye in laying out a new understanding of health and how to achieve it. In understated elegance he has powerfully re-framed how the body, mind, and energy work together to produce health. He not only communicates the "why," but shows "how" to apply this new method. It is healthcare of the future, and I am excited to recommend it. Dr. John F. Markham, DC, researcher, teacher; Preceptorship Director at Life University, private practice in Kinnesaw, GA


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