Black Market Baby

An Adopted Woman's Journey

Black Market Baby Author Renee Clarke
File size 2.8 mb
Year 2021
Pages 356
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biography

Book Description:

Black Market Baby: An Adopted Woman's Journey started out at 3 stars, and those were for the excellent writing and the historical/current events references. The narrative seemed a bit whiny and I kept thinking even those of us who started out with our bio-parents have felt unloved at times.

But then Ms. Clarke, in a very this-is-simply-what-happened tone, describe how she would have to hide in her closet to stay out of her mother's violent path; and when her dad came home he would question young Renee about what she had done to set her mother off. She was only a small child, early grade-school years. She no longer sounded whiny. 4 stars.

At a little over the half-way mark, the author comes to the realization of how much she neglected her own children when they were very young. It is a devastating moment. I cried along with her. 5 stars.

The more clearly Renee Clarke saw herself, the more heart-wrenching and uplifting the story became. By the end I wanted to try this wilderness lifestyle, attend meditation retreats, and prayed that Ms. Clarke finds peace within herself.


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