Blackjack: A Professional Reference

The Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One!

59549f44bb9e9.jpg Author Michael Dalton
Isbn 9781879712027
File size 5.06MB
Year 1993
Language English
File format PDF
Category Gambling

Book Description:

Since the first edition of this book my goal has been to create the ultimate resource for serious blackjack players. This resource would directly answer any question that a player might have or it would guide you to the answer. This resource would also describe and rate every blackjack product known to exist and provide advice to new players who want to learn a valid system. This resource would also have the ultimate dictionary and describe every term, rule, game, side bet, acronym and system ever created.
In the third edition of Blackjack: A Professional Reference I believe I have achieved my goal. I have to admit, however, that you will undoubtedly find something that you are interested in that is not included. Indeed, this book will never be complete for there will always be someone who attempts to
sell some silly system or offer the player the moon in exchange for their credit card number. As you read and use this book please take a moment and jot down things you like and don't like about it and keep your eyes open for possible errors or misrepresentations. I pride myself in attempting to be honest
and accurate about this game but I am only human. With your help this book will continue to be the leading resource guide for serious players.
This edition is subtitled The Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One which I believe is a better description of the book than the original title. In addition to the obvious cosmetic changes, I have added over 40 pages of important new material. This material includes over a hundred new dictionary and reference section entries as well as material that reflects the rapidly changing face of casino gambling in this country.


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