The BMW 5 Series and X5

A History of Production Cars and Tuner Specials, 1972-2008

The BMW 5 Series and X5: A History of Production Cars and Tuner Specials, 1972-2008 Author Marc Cranswick
Isbn 9780786443512
File size 28.6MB
Year 2009
Pages 293
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other

Book Description:

Like many guys I started out on BMWs with a 2002 in the 1970s, then moved on to larger models as family needs arose. After a Bavaria and e12 528i I graduated to an e28 M5, a car I still have and love even though my latest BMW is an e61 535Xi wagon. I was always interested in the speed shop BMWs, after reading about Alpina and Hartge cars in Road & Track and Car and Driver over the years, so had to get this book. It seems to cover all the 5 series tuner cars, which is of interest to me. Also neat is the book's detailed index, which has listings for all of BMW's technical advances. So I could zero in on Trac-Link for my e28 and ACC for the e61. Not my first choice for an enthusiast vehicle, but the book also covers standard and tuner X5s too. This book was recommended by Roundel magazine, and if it had more color I would give it 5 stars.


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