Building Web Apps with Ember.js

572f4603c9813.jpg Author Jesse Cravens and Thomas Brady
Isbn 9781449370923
File size 11 Mb
Year 2014
Pages 188
Language English
File format PDF
Category Web Development

Book Description:

If you’re a web developer interested in building scalable single-page applications―full-stack, browser-based apps that connect to a backend―this practical guide shows you how to use Ember.js, the popular JavaScript framework based on the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

Through the course of the book, you’ll learn how to build a prototype Ember application (a musician index called Rock’n’Roll Call), using routers, templates, models, controllers, and views. You’ll also understand how Ember’s convention over configuration approach helps you persist data, build backend technologies, and create widgets for developing production-capable applications that behave like desktop software.
* Set up workflow management and boilerplate code creation
* Learn how Ember’s “developer ergonomics” help you use less code
* Write templates for the book’s prototype with Handlebars.js
* Use routers to manage application states without reloading the page
* Connect controllers and views with events, and sync data with data-binding
* Build an Ember backend with a RESTful API or Ruby on Rails
* Use the Ember-Data library to persist data and talk to the backend
* Write reusable encapsulated widgets to extend your applications


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