Bulk Collection of Signals Intelligence: Technical Options

596e15c39f915.jpg Author Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences and National Research Council
Isbn 9780309325202
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Year 2015
Pages 124
Language English
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Category Security

Book Description:

This volume is a result of an activity to evaluate U.S. signals intelligence practices. This study is among several of the administration’s responses to heightened public concern about U.S. intelligence agency surveillance programs that followed Edward Snowden’s disclosure of numerous internal National Security Agency (NSA) documents beginning in mid-2013.

The committee assembled for this study included individuals with expertise in national security law; counterterrorism operations; privacy and civil liberties as they relate to electronic communications; data mining; large-scale systems development; software development; Intelligence Community (IC) needs as they relate to research and development; and networking and social media.

1 Introduction and Background
2 Basic Concepts
3 Use Cases and Use Case Categories
4 Bulk Collection
5 Controlling Usage of Collected Data
6 Looking to the Future
Appendix A: Observations about the Charge to the Committee
Appendix B: Acronyms
Appendix C: Biographical Information for Committee Members, Consultants, and Staff


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