Saving the Earth As a Career , Second Edition

Written in an informal and engaging style, Saving the Earth as a Career is an ideal resource for students and professionals pursuing a career in conservation. The book explores the major skills needed to become an effective conservation professional by offering useful advice on a range of topics. Chapters include: Is this the right career for you? Designing a program of study Designing and executing a project Attending conferences an...

Professionelle Bewerbungsberatung für Führungskräfte

Von Führungskräften wird auch im Bewerbungs verfahren überdurchschnittliche Kompetenz erwartet. Die Karriereexperten Püttjer und Schnierda liefern das professionelle Know-how, mit dem jeder Bewerber seinen künftigen Arbeitgeber überzeugen kann: maßgeschneiderte Bewerbungs unterlagen, ein sicheres und entspanntes Vorstellungsgespräch und vieles mehr. Über 30 Übungen, die häufi gsten Fragen im Vorstellungs gespräch sowie zahlreiche Pra...

The Choice: A Fable of Free Trade and Protection (3rd Edition)

This is a great book if you're trying to understand the big picture of trading. Yes it's fictional but a great way to read about economics and enjoy it. I think everyone learns differently and this is a great way to diverge from what can be dry and boring textbook learning to something more enjoyable. I'll use the book's example and say the best thing to compare it to is "It's a Wonderful Life" only econ style!

Uncontrolled Risk: Lessons of Lehman Brothers and How Systemic Risk Can Still Bring Down the World Financial System

People are tired of hearing about the Great Recession. If there is one more book you read, or, if there is only one book you read, this should be it. Mark Williams provides a succinct history of Lehman Brothers from formation to dissolution. Not only does Uncontrolled Risk: Lessons of Lehman Brothers and How Systemic Risk Can Still Bring Down the World Financial System explore the firm’s role in the crash, but it also closely examine...

The Poverty of Slavery: How Unfree Labor Pollutes the Economy

“This book is a vigorous rejoinder to the oft-repeated historical claim that immense profits derived from slavery powered the development of today's all-consuming system of globalized capitalism. When arguing persuasively for the contrary view, that slavery produced impoverishment, not affluence, Robert Wright marshals arguments based on a truly encyclopedic familiarity with slavery systems the world over, in the past as well as in t...

Port Operations, Planning and Logistics

This book is very detailed in it's coverage of Port Logistics. It also incudes chapters on Port Security and ISPS and ISO 28000 which will be very important for all companies who trade with the US in the future.

Die Bewertung von Content-Anbietern unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Web 2.0

Die Diskussion über bewertungsrelevante Charakteristika von Content-Anbietern erfolgte in der Vergangenheit meist nur oberflächlich im Zusammenhang mit Internetunternehmen. Alexander Fox analysiert die Anwendbarkeit verschiedener Bewertungsansätze anhand allgemeiner und (Content-Anbieter-)spezifischer Kriterien und untersucht den Einfluss aktueller Entwicklungen im Internetbereich. Hierbei zeigt er auf, dass kein Unternehmensbewertun...

Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education, Vol.3

In this, the third volume of the Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education, leading international scholars explore the unique characteristics and rich variety of research in entrepreneurship education. They adopt several different perspectives, focusing on key issues and significant developments in the field. This important Handbook takes an international perspective on entrepreneurship education. The contributors highlight ...

The Volatility Surface: A Practitioner's Guide

I am taking Prof. Gatheral's class. He is the best instructor I have ever studied with. Without any doubt, he is very professional in volatility modeling. This book is very concise with many practitioner's views which you might not see in the academia. He also keeps updating his lecture notes with cutting-edge research so I hope someday he would publish a second edition.

Kaufen oder mieten? Wie Sie für sich die richtige Entscheidung treffen

Egal, ob Sie von der charmanten Stadtwohnung, dem schicken Loft oder dem Haus im Grünen träumen - der Kauf der eigenen Immobilie wird vermutlich die teuerste Anschaffung Ihres Lebens sein. Da lohnt es sich, die Investitionsentscheidung kritisch zu überprüfen: Ist es tatsächlich wirtschaftlich günstiger, eine Immobilie zu kaufen als sie zu mieten? Der Finanzexperte Gerd Kommer deckt auf, was die Immobilienbranche systematisch verschwe...