Abgezockt Und Kaltgestellt

Sobald von Steuern die Rede ist, geht man auch heute so gut wie immer ohne weiteres Nachdenken einseitig vom Bedarf des Staates aus und setzt dessen Nehmer-Berechtigung dogmatisch voraus. Im Steuersystem der modernen Staaten überlebt unbemerkt der Absolutismus. Vom Ohr der Steuerbehörden ist der Satz, wonach alle Gewalt vom Volke ausgehe, nie gehört worden. Die okkulte Wahrheit des herrschenden Finanzsystems lautet vielmehr: Alle Gew...

Following Through

First published in 1998, Following Through shines a spotlight into the black hole in inner space where good intentions disappear. It reveals the startling reason why we so often fail to make the life-improving changes we truly intend to make. Although we typically blame ourselves for poor follow through -- we beat ourselves up for lacking motivation, willpower, self-discipline -- Levinson and Greider argue that the real culprit is th...

Pivot Points: Five Decisions Every Successful Leader Must Make

Pivoting For Pace-Setting Leaders In the sea of leadership advice, Julia Tang Peters' Pivot Points stands out like a beacon.  Through the stories of five inspiring and approachable leaders, this engaging read brings alive the role of pivotal decisions that turn ordinary careers into leadership journeys.    Take a rare look into the on-the-job process of bringing together the science of management and the art of leadership, and get us...

Transformational Tourism: Tourist Perspectives

Transformational Tourism deals with the important issue of how travel and tourism can change human behavior and have a positive impact on the world. The book focuses on human development in a world dominated by post-9/11 security and political challenges, economic and financial collapses, as well as environmental threats; it identifies various types of tourism that can transform human beings, such as educational, volunteer, survival,...

Tourists and Travellers: Tourism and Cultural Change

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, travel and tourism in Scotland changed radically, from a time when there were very few travellers and no provision for those that there were, through to Scotland’s emergence as a fully fledged tourist destination with the necessary physical and economic infrastructure. As the experience of travelling in Scotland changed, so too did the ways in which travellers wrote about their experienc...

Rule Based Investing

Use rule-based investment strategies to maintain trading and investment discipline, and protect yourself from fear, greed, pride, and other costly emotions! Since the mid-1990s, assets under management in rule-based or non-discretionary hedge funds have outgrown those in discretionary or qualitative funds. Recent research shows that rule-based funds have outperformed discretionary funds on a risk-adjusted basis over the past 30 years...

Who's in the Room: How Great Leaders Structure and Manage the Teams Around Them

Is your company run by a team with no name? At the top of every organization chart lies a myth—that a Senior Management Team makes a company's critical decisions. The reality is that critical decisions are typically made by the boss and a small group of confidants—a "team with no name"—outside of formal processes. Meanwhile, other members of the management team wonder why they weren't in the room or even consulted ahead of time. The ...

Stiletto Network: Inside the Women's Power Circles That Are Changing the Face of Business

Former strategist Ryckman sets out simply to chronicle the ever-growing circles of influence created by women in all industries and at all levels. Her book is filled with witty names and acronyms—the Harpies, PEWIN, Wafia—and, most important, with real-life stories of women helping other women with investment funding, for charity, or to change a part of the world. These power circles, in place since the 1990s, are strong, based as th...

The Challenger Customer

The Mobilizer Sale is the long-awaited sequel to the bestselling sales classic The Challenger SaleThink of your ideal customer. Now think again. After years of extensive research, the bestselling team behind The Challenger Sale is back with another game-changing playbook for anyone who needs to sell anything. They have discovered that, contrary to popular belief, the highest performing sales reps in all industries get results by targ...

Inbound Marketing For Dummies

Learn how to get your message heard above the online noise The buying process is greatly changed. With the Internet, the buyer is in charge. If your product is going to compete, you need to master 21st century lead generation, and this book shows you how. It's packed with effective strategies for inbound and outbound marketing tactics that will generate leads in today's market. You'll learn the basics of lead generation, inbound and ...