The Champion Mindset: An Athlete's Guide to Mental Toughness

59896af09e7ad.jpg Author Joanna Zeiger
File size 220MB
Year 2017
Language Englsih
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

Champions, as the familiar adage preaches, are not born - they're made. Reaching the top of any sport, or any aspect of life, takes years upon years of dedication and proper preparation. But if there's a huge pool of individuals who have undertaken the same commitment and steps towards becoming the best, what truly separates the winners from everyone else? Joanna Zeiger believes proper mental preparation is the answer. The Champion Mindset is a much-needed and long overdue look into how to program a competitor's mind to achieve optimal success. Changing behaviors and ways of thinking are never easy, but the chapters in this audiobook aim to simplify this process to make it manageable and achievable. This audiobook is for every athlete - from the weekend warrior who wants to complete in his or her first 5k running race to those who have aspirations of one day becoming Olympians and world champions.

The Champion Mindset is a compendium of Zeiger's own personal journey from struggling novice swimmer to Olympian and world champion. Through steps including proper goal setting, keeping it fun, building your team, intention in training, improving motivation, promoting self-confidence, and mind/body cohesion, among others, Zeiger uses her decades of personal experience, doctoral-level research, and professional success to prepare listeners to go all-in with their mental game.


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