Child-Centred Attachment Therapy: The CcAT Programme

59bb861e02d3d.jpg Author Alexandra Maeja Raicar
Isbn 9781855755055
File size 0.8MB
Year 2009
Pages 152
Language English
File format PDF
Category Psychology

Book Description:

This book describes the development of the child-centered attachment therapy (CcAT) model of working with children with attachment difficulties. They describe, in an accessible manner, the complexities involved in supporting parents in their struggles to respond positively to the needs of children who have been traumatized by their early experiences.

The author has many years of working with families of children who act out their hurt through difficult behaviors, and the book is full of insights to help both parents and professionals to understand and deal more effectively with such behaviors. The book admirably demonstrates the authors’ belief in a therapeutic approach that focuses on
attachment and protection as prerequisites for promoting healthy relationships.


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