Coin's End

(Dungeons & Dragons: Kingdom of Kalamar Adventure)

58edcfdc0ad5e.jpeg Author Andy Miller, Brian Jelke, and Mark Plemmons
Isbn 9781889182537
File size 21MB
Year 2001
Pages 64
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

This heart-pounding adventure is the culmination of an epic battle between good and evil set in the new Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, the Kingdoms of Kalamar third edition. The story comes to a head as the players, now armed with the means to destroy the Evil Coin, tread cautiously into northern barbarian lands to confront their nemesis in her home territory. Her humanoid forces grow in daunting numbers and she deftly wields the awesome power of the wicked Coin of Darkness. Can the players stop her before her power grows beyond control? Coin’s End is an official Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 6th level characters. Players need not have completed the prior adventures in the story series to enjoy this one.


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