The Complete Book of 1980s Broadway Musicals

The Complete Book of 1980s Broadway Musicals Author Dan Dietz
Isbn 1442260912
File size 2.3MB
Year 2016
Pages 528
Language English
File format PDF
Category Music

Book Description:

Dietz continues his examination of Broadway musicals after publishing separate volumes covering the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The 1980s installment examines 250 traditional musicals that opened during the decade, along with personality reviews, revivals, operas, and more. Entries include the hosting theater, opening and closing dates, and Tony awards or nominations. Authors and composers, production personnel, and cast are also detailed. A list of musical numbers with the principal performer follows. Some delightful commentary and unknown facts are also divulged, and Deitz provides a thorough synopsis of each show's plot as well as information about the production staff and performers. Critical reception and review references are also provided. Deitz manages to include information on cast recordings and movie or video/DVD releases—some rather rare and hard to come by—as well as information on published scripts and librettos. Numerous appendixes finish out the volume, along with a detailed index and bibliography. This volume is yet another robust addition to this collection of works covering Broadway musicals decade by decade.


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