The Complete Book of Shaolin

Comprehensive Programme for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Development

004f36f4_medium Author Wong Kiew Kit.
Isbn 9789834087913
File size 87MB
Year 2012
Pages 366
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

In theory, Zen is the easiest. If you are ready, and just do this correctly - sit comfortably in a lotus position, close your eyes and keep your mind blank - you will achieve enlightenment, i.e. the greatest achievement any being can achieve, in an instant! But in actual practice, this approach may be the most difficult. It may sound odd, but sitting comfortably itself may not be easy! Some people cannot even sit comfortably on a chair; they feel restless after only a few minutes. Sitting in a lotus position, even if they are prepared to put up with some discomfort, is difficult for most untrained adults. Keeping the mind blank is worse; some people have told me it was the most difficult thing they had ever attempted. --Chapter 26: The Beauty and Profundity of Zen (Some Philosophical Considerations for Zen Training) - The Easiest or the Most Difficult


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