The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships

Discover What Your Dreams and Intuition Reveal about You and Your Love Life

5726cdde6fe1d.jpg Author Gillian Holloway
Isbn 9781402207006
File size 1 Mb
Year 2010
Pages 255
Language English
File format PDF
Category Relationships

Book Description:

What do your dreams really mean...for your love life?

The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships is a groundbreaking guidebook for using what's already in your head to understand your heart. Respected dream analyst and intuition expert Gillian Holloway uses the interpretations of 30,000 actual dreams from people just like you to help you access the wisdom in your dreams so you can make the most of your relationships.

•Why your dreams contain some of the best clues to real love
•How to interpret the deeper relationship signals in dreams that seem to have nothing to do with love
•The easy technique for recognizing the core meaning of any dream
•How to reconnect with your intuition and truth-detector signals
•How to recognize the phenomena of precognitive dreams and love at first sight
•Why listening to your intuition and gut instinct can be a powerful tool in understanding what you really want-and need



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