Computational And Mathematical Modeling In The Social Sciences

563b9235e5753.jpg Author Scott de Marchi
Isbn 0521853621
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Year 2015
Pages 220
Language English
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Category Science

Book Description:

This book provides an overview and a critique of mathematical modeling in the social sciences. It covers the three major traditions: game theory, statistics, and computational modeling. Because there are genuine problems with the state of current research, a new framework for conducting research that integrates the three traditions is proposed. Two features of the analysis deserve particular mention. First, the book concentrates on problems in the social sciences that are difficult to solve with current mathematical methods. Second, a special focus of the book is computational modeling, a subject that has not been duly investigates to date.
Mathematical models in the social sciences have become increasingly sophisticated and widespread in the last decade. This period has also seen many critiques, most lamenting the sacrifices incurred in pursuit of mathematical rigor. If, as critics argue, our ability to understand the world has not improved during the mathematization of the social sciences, we might want to adopt a different paradigm. This book examines the three main fields of mathematical modeling - game theory, statistics, and computational methods - and proposes a new framework for modeling. Unlike previous treatments which view each field separately, the treatment provides a framework that spans and incorporates the different methodological approaches. The goal is to arrive at a new vision of modeling that allows researchers to solve more complex problems in the social sciences. Additionally, a special emphasis is placed upon the role of computational modeling in the social sciences.


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