Creative Landscape Photography Using The Pyramid Method

56938e63c33cb.jpg Author Andrew Lilley
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Year 2015
Pages 144
Language English
File format EPUB
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Book Description:

Using a brand new teaching approach, the author takes the reader on a step-by-step tutorial through every task needed to take outstanding landscape photographs, using a pyramid of workflow steps.

This book takes a different approach to other photography ‘how to’ guides. It's a practical guide that firstly gives you the knowledge that helps you be more perceptive, resourceful, and creative. Secondly, it provides a systematic methodology in which to apply that knowledge.

Clearly mapped out are the steps performed by professional landscape photographers, from the very start of a project through to the finishing touches to the chosen image on the computer, and captured them in a step-by-step framework called the Pyramid Method.

The Pyramid breaks down these essential tasks into easy to follow, foolproof steps that anyone can apply—even beginners. All that the Pyramid Method assumes is that the reader has a camera system that uses interchangeable lenses (either a digital SLR, or a mirrorless camera system) and some camera accessories.

In this extensive book's 23,000 words and 36 example photographs and illustrations, you will:

- Discover the importance of planning and preparation
- Understand the reasons for performing each step
- Learn the practical techniques involved
- Find foolproof methods and settings to use to virtually guarantee success
- See checklists that quickly help you understand what’s required
- View diagrams and examples illustrating the different steps
- Follow detailed case studies for each level
- Get links to useful resources

See how quickly you'll improve your photography.


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