Crystallization: Science and Technology

58bad3254858a.jpeg Author Marcello Rubens Barsi Andreeta
Isbn 9789535107576
File size 35MB
Year 2012
Pages 577
Language English
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Category Chemistry

Book Description:

The purpose of this book is to present new insights to the reader, as well as crucial and very useful information for researchers working in this field, while simultaneously creating a comprehensive text about crystallization processes which may serve as a starting point for people with different backgrounds.

Section 1 Fundamentals and Theoretical Aspects
1 Crystallization in Glass Forming Substances: The Chemical Bond Approach
2 Crystallization Kinetics of Chalcogenide Glasses
3 Numerical Models of Crystallization and Its Direction for Metal and Ceramic Materials in Technical Application
4 A Mathematical Model for Single Crystal Cylindrical Tube Growth by the Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth (EFG) Technique
5 Crystallization in Microemulsions: A Generic Route to Thermodynamic Control and the Estimation of Critical Nucleus Size
6 Chemical, Physicochemical and Crystal-Chemical Aspects of Crystallization from Aqueous Solutions as a Method of Purification
7 Recrystallization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Section 2 Applications, Techniques and Mineral Formation
8 Preparation of Selected Ceramic Compounds by Controlled Crystallization Under Hydrothermal Conditions
9 Fe-Based Nanocomposite Formed by Thermal Treatment of Rapid-Quenched Fe81B13Si4C2 Alloy
10 Crystallization of Iron-Containing Oxide-Sulphide Melts
11 Real-Time Analysis to Evaluate Crystallization Processes
12 Phenacetin Crystallization: Cooling Regimes and Crystal Morphology
13 Macromolecular Crystallization Controlled by Colloidal Interactions: The Case of Urate Oxidase
14 Crystallization by Antisolvent Addition and Cooling
15 Thin Film Growth Through Sputtering Technique and Its Applications
16 Crystallization of Ge:Sb:Te Thin Films for Phase Change Memory Application
17 Metal Induced Crystallization
18 ArF Excimer Laser Annealing of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film
19 Oriented Lateral Growth and Defects in Polycrystalline-Silicon Thin Films on Glass Substrates
20 Crystallization, Fractionation and Solidification of Co-Magmatic Alkaline Series Sequentially Emplaced in the Carbonatite Complex of Tiruppattur, Tamil Nadu, India


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