Cult People: Amazing tales from Hollywood's Exploitation A-list

59ebfa1c60cdf.jpg Author Nicanor Loreti
Isbn 9781900486743
File size 3.2MB
Year 2010
Pages 192
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cinema

Book Description:

Ted Raimi appeared in Spiderman. His former babysitter is Bruce Campbell. Bill McKinney was a redneck rapist in Deliverance. Anthony Taylor produced Incubus, the only horror film spoken in Esperanto. David Carradine was Kwai Chang Caine. Cool people. Cult People. Cult People is a selection of interviews conducted by Nicanor Loreti with many of the world's most fascinating and renowned stars of cult cinema, including the late David Carradine, the legendary Ken Russell and the lamentable Albert Pyun... Loreti's knowledge and enthusiasm opens up his subjects on the unbelievable world of the alternative Hollywood as never before, and the book is studded with anecdotes which communicate the very essence of an eccentric industry, including mass zombie auditions, crews and casts stranded in distant lands after funding vanishes, and frankly dangerous attempts to make a low budget movie in the North Pole. Other interviewees include Billy Drago, Wes Craven, Michael Ironside and Don Stroud. Cult People is a book for the budding director, actor, producer and cinematographer as much as it is the fan or fanatic, and promises to delight and inform all who read it.


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