The Facts On File Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases

This dictionary is based on a great concept to explain foreign words and phrases that have found their way into our language but, with only about 4000 entries, it more often frustrates. The vast majority of the words listed here come from French and Latin (not surprisingly, since 40 percent of English is derived from French, often through Latin). And though some 60 languages are represented, it is often with only a handful of words. ...

Silenced Sextet: Six Nineteenth-Century Canadian Women Novelists

"Makes a significant original contribution ... The pieces in this volume not only recover and `re-read' the novelists' works, but also offer significant primary research into their lives and literary production." Heather Murray, Department of English, University of Toronto. "Helps to fill a glaring gap ... A useful contribution to Anglo-Canadian literary history and to feminist studies ... The essays represent valid bio-literary rese...

The North Carolina Roots of African American Literature: An Anthology

This important anthology shows that North Carolina produced a remarkable, indeed unmatched record of black authorship throughout the nineteenth century. . . . Even if these eight writers were not North Carolinians, a collection of their writings makes for a compelling display of diverse African American literary expression during the first decades after slavery. The fact that these writers were all North Carolinians makes the volume ...

Words in Action : Forms and Techniques of Film Dialogue

"The success of Braga’s book is its ability to deliver strong screenwriting practice, whilst also taking a rigorous approach to techniques of dialogue in screenplays using narrative theories and numerous industrial script examples. In doing so, it represents a most welcome shift away from the paucity of serious scholarly practice in many (or most) screenwriting manuals towards studies that deliver serious screenwriting technique with...

Of Minstrelsy and Masks

This collection is dedicated to a distinguished scholar and writer who for a quarter of a century wrote consistently on African literature and the arts and was a major voice in Nigerian literary circles. Ezenwa-Ohaeto made a mark in contemporary Nigerian poetry by committing pidgin to written form and, by so doing, introducing different creative patterns. He also saw himself as a 'minstrel', as someone who wanted to read, express and...

The Spell of Italy: Vacation, Magic, and the Attraction of Goethe

Wearied by his life as an administrator at the Duke’s court in Weimar, in 1786 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe departed unannounced in the middle of the night for what had been the destination of his imagination since childhood: Italy. His extended stay there dramatically affected his views of art, architecture, prose, poetry, and science. When he returned to Germany and Weimar, Goethe’s experiences translated into his life and work in wa...

Gender, Sex and Translation: The Manipulation of Identities

Gendered and sexual identities are unstable constructions which reveal a great deal about the ideologies and power relatinships affecting individuals and societies. The interaction between gender/sex studies and translation studies points to a fascinating arena of discursive conflict in which our intimate desires and identities are established or rejected, (re)negotiated or censored, sanctioned or tabooed. This volume explores divers...

Easter, Passover, and Other Spring Festivals

Four festivals in particular are widely observed in the spring: the Christian Easter celebration, the Hindu celebration of Holi, the Jewish observance of Passover, and the Persian festival of Navruz. This book discusses how these holidays encourage individuals to gather, and honour the sacrifices others have made.

Industrial Poetics: Demo Tracks for a Mobile Culture

“The second ‘Track’ (chapter) of this wild, hilarious, learned, irreverent, energetic, nasty, and touching book is called ‘How a Former Professional Engineer Becomes a Former English Professor.’ And that’s what Industrial Poetics is all about: working-class aspirants for middle-class ‘professional’ goodies, academic and journalistic hypocrisies, community failures, and the general all-around mayhem we experience at the turn of the tw...