Demons of Wrath: The Dark Fires of Attack Magick

Demons of Wrath: The Dark Fires of Attack Magick Author Corwin Hargrove
Isbn 1973461986
File size 1.67MB
Year 2017
Pages 57
Language English
File format PDF
Category Family and Friendship

Book Description:

magine a safe, fast way to inflict havoc on your enemies. The magick causes no harm or backlash to you. It delivers justice and revenge.
The demons in this book can be called with a simple ritual. They will destroy ambition, cause anxiety, bring nightmares, and stir a fear of madness, while causing depression and weakness.
Your enemy can be made to feel regret, exhaustion and frustration. You can make a person so aggressive that they ruin their reputation, or you can stir conflict within any relationship, whether romantic or professional.

The demons can cause accidents, sickness, and confusion.

The final ritual is the most potent, removing all sense of control and leaving your target with a feeling of hopelessness.

The magick can be used against true enemies, or to gain an advantage against a personal competitor.
There is no better way to bring magickal destruction and disruption than by calling on the fiery darkness of demonic energy.

This is a short, practical grimoire, calling on the lesser known Wandering Demon Princes. You can contact them safely, command them easily, and enjoy the results of this powerful magick.


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