Denying Pinocchio Nose

Denying Pinocchio Nose Author Rodica Dragomirescu
File size 483 kb
Year 2021
Pages 53
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

Why Denying Pinocchio Nose? Try to imagine that Pinocchio would not be an ordinary wooden doll, that Pinocchio and all the terry toys would have life. How would the world look like if toys would have life? Would we be happier? Would all wars on the planet stop? How can terry toys help us in our present life? All this questions have an answer in the poems. If you are sceptical try to think how the world would look like without terry toys, you can find an answer in some of the following lines: "Once I had a bad dream, On the earth the light was dim And nobody played with toys anymore. I couldn't keep up the score With this situation, The world seemed like a desert, While people made a convention, To be very serious and not to preserve Toys any more.""


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