Designing IoT devices using Flash Microcontrollers

59b6297ed2c57.jpg Author Yoshiyasu Takefuji
File size 8.80MB
Year 2017
Pages 251
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hardware

Book Description:

I wrote this book entitled "Designing Intelligent Electronic Toys Using Flash Microcontrollers" in 2005. Unfortunately, the book has never been published. Therefore, this book had been a phantom book. This renamed book is still useful in IoT era. This book highlights three projects: banner badge, 8-queen neural network (8-bit microcontroller solves 8-queen problems based on neural network), and artificial retina camera (this is the world-first camera for mobile phones). This book is intended for practitioners or novice/professional readers who are interested in designing, developing, and building intelligent electronic gadgets or ubiquitous toys using flash microcontrollers. Two microcontrollers are mainly introduced and used through this book: ATMEL and CYGNAL microcontrollers. A variety of applications using networking devices, sensors, and actuators with microcontollers are detailed by using many circuit diagrams, software source programs, and figures for practitioners. This introductory book can be used as the text or one of the references in high schools or universities for building embedded ubiquitous or wearable computers.


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