A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar

A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar Author Seiichi Makino
Isbn 9784789007757
File size 29MB
Year 2000
Pages 760
Language English, Japanese
File format PDF
Category Encyclopedia and Dictionary

Book Description:

Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar arranged in dictionary format and accompanied by rich example sentences that will help students of this book be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to master intermediate Japanese

After 3 or four readings through the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, i finally became ready to start this one. The book is called and organized as a dictionary, however I use it as a study textbook, and it is excellent. This book is by far my best textbook for studying Japanese. I read the sentences, spell them and write them down in order to memorize Kanji. Contrary to Chinese, the pronunciation in Japanese is relatively simple, so after learning audio-courses (such as The Pimsleur Japanese I-II-III) studying grammar by reading writing and self-pronunciation is almost sufficient. My other textbooks are "Breaking into Japanese Literature" and "Read Real Japanese Essays" which include the audio-tracks.

All the entries include the text in Japanese, where for first appearance of Kanji in every entry the reading is shown in kana. No romaji transcription is given, and no kana transcription for following appearance of the Kanji within the entry, which is very convenient for study and memorizing of Kanji readings.


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