Digital Innovations in Architectural Heritage Conservation:(Advances in Media, Entertainment, and the Arts)

Emerging Research and Opportunities

004ec81f_medium Author Stefano Brusaporci
Isbn 9781522524342
File size 11.62MB
Year 2017
Pages 152
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

The concept of conserving heritage for future generations is not a new idea. However, with recent digital advances, this task can be done much more efficiently and cultural properties can be better preserved for future populations.

Digital Innovations in Architectural Heritage Conservation: Emerging Research and Opportunities highlights the most innovative trends in electronic preservation techniques. Featuring extensive coverage on relevant topics such as cultural complexities, participative heritage, architectural backgrounds, and virtual reconstruction, this is an ideal publication for all academicians, graduate students, engineers, and researchers interested in expanding their knowledge on current heritage conservation systems and practices.


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