Digital Photography: 39 Methods to Quick Mastering of Digital Photography with Creative Photo Ideas

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585949b2c0b8c.jpg Author Steven Davis
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Year 2015
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Book Description:

Photography is a common passion and for many digital photography just won't hold the same impact as film. For the same reasons digital photography is also much more user friendly. Digital photographers don't have to get it right in the lens with so many ways of digitally manipulating images it's ok not to get each shot perfect. As social media has shown us even a camera phone can give you great images without the expense of a professional camera. Using digital as a medium might seem daunting if you've only just mastered your point and shoot. There isn't a lot of difference between digital and film media, and all the things like aperture and exposure still apply. Often you'll need to look at simple set-ups to get the hang of handling all the different terminology and adjustments needed. If you've just bought a DSLR this is a good resource for you; including tips on what camera to look at and whether you really need all those fancy megapixels to get wonderful shots. We'll give you some times on composition and some snazzy background tricks you might not have known. Digital photography isn't as complicated as you might think, and even if you get it wrong you can always manipulate it later to save even the worst images.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

What camera?
Presets and Editing
Crazy Tips


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