Easy as Raspberry Pi: A step by step beginner's guide to building your own internet of things with the Raspberry Pi Model 3

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File size 2.70MB
Year 2017
Pages 89
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hardware

Book Description:

“Easy as Raspberry Pi” is a beginner’s guide to the Raspberry Pi, a credit card sized PC running Linux. It starts with an introduction to the Raspberry Pi hardware and operating system, then covers the basics of Python 3 programming and electronic circuits. The author leverages his experience with teenagers in the classroom to lead the complete novice step by step in linking the Raspberry Pi to the real world – controlling physical things with simple code – and no math.

Build your own internet of things. This guide includes a Raspberry Pi project that displays different colors based on the local weather forecast from the internet. (So you can decide what to wear just by glancing across the room.) The lessons in this book apply to the Raspberry Pi Model 3B and all previous versions.


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