Electric Worlds in the Classroom

Teaching And Learning With Role-based Computer Games

Electric Worlds in the Classroom: Teaching And Learning With Role-based Computer Games Author Richard T. Beckwith
Isbn 9780807746769
File size 2.0MB
Year 2006
Pages 182
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

We all know that kids like video games, so why not help them learn course content in these virtual worlds? This guidebook will help teachers (grades 6?12) do exactly that. The authors provide a diverse collection of lively and engaging virtual spaces where students engage in role-based learning. The context might be a gigantic imaginary plant cell, where students learn the role of a biologist, or it might be a shallow valley where they learn to act like a geologist. Students learn to conduct experiments, analyze results, draw conclusions, and ultimately, write their own story as they experienced it. This book features: a nontechnical presentation that will assist all educators who want to use technology to improve student learning; and a large collection of goal-oriented, multi-user games to teach various concepts in geology, biology, computer science, microeconomics, and archaeology.


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