Electromagnetic Radiation in Analysis and Design of Organic Materials

Electronic and Biotechnology Applications

5a248f74e55c0.jpg Author Andreea Irina Barzic, Dana Ortansa Dorohoi, and Magdalena Aflori
Isbn 9781498775809
File size 4.5MB
Year 2017
Pages 247
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

Book Description:

Bridging condensed matter physics, photochemistry, photophysics, and materials science, Electromagnetic Radiation in Analysis and Design of Organic Materials: Electronic and Biotechnology Applications covers physical properties of materials in the presence of radiation from across the electromagnetic spectrum. It describes the optical, spectral, thermal, and morphological properties of a wide range of materials and their practical implications in electronic and biotechnologies. It discusses recent advances in the use of radiation in analysis of materials and design for advanced applications. The book contains experimental and theoretical issues that reflect the impact of radiation on materials characteristics highlighting their ease of analysis or adaptation for applications as optical filters, drug delivery systems, antimicrobial layers, amphetamine detectors, or liquid crystal displays.


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