Who's Who In World Politics: (Routledge Who's Who)

Who's Who in World Politics is a unique reference book which examines those individuals who have shaped the political world since 1860. Coverage is truly global, with the most important players in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Australia included. It provides: * an easy-to-use A-Z layout * authorized, detailed biographies of the most important political figures since 1860 * completely up-to-date information on the most recen...

Historical Dictionary of German Intelligence

Focusing on the intelligence issue the book indeed becomes an invaluable work to be a reference for not only scholars or pundits but also to many activists whom struggle to get balance of power domestically or internationally. The book is very useful for people of developing countries as a reference as well, including in Indonesia. To be honest most Indonesian pundits who I met agree that your thought-provoking book has been inspirin...

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Dictionary of Literary Swahili

This dictionary is a body of great work, timely and comprehensive. It will be a great enhancement to the field of Swahili language, literature, and linguistics. This dictionary is a very serious piece of work which should be considered a most useful tool for students and scholars alike.

Dictionary of Islamic Architecture

Andrew Peterson's book is a welcome addition to the Islamic library, to students of Islamic architecture, as well as to the general public interested in Islamic cultural history. Author Peterson gives us a comprehensive, thourough, and profound treatment opf gis subject..... [This is] an excellent study of the rich repository of Islamic culture, and it will enrich architectural and Islamic libraries. This is a book that professional ...

A William Faulkner Encyclopedia

A William Faulkner Encyclopedia should prove especially valuable to those readers "as yet enversed in reading and appreciating Faulkner's work," including high school and college students, their instructors, and ambitious readers-for-pleasure eager to hazard the challenges and delights of a formidable literary figure. Even the seasoned Faulkner teacher and/or scholar, however, will find much of use here....Credit is due to Hamblin an...

An F. Scott Fitzgerald Encyclopedia

F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most challenging authors of American literature. He is known internationally as the author of The Great Gatsby (1925), a twentieth-century literary classic studied by high school students and scholars alike. But Fitzgerald was an amazingly productive writer despite numerous personal and professional difficulties. From the beginning of his literary career with the publication of This Side of Paradise ...

A Hausa-English Dictionary

“Professor Newman has devoted his life to Hausa linguistics, and he is the ideal author to create this dictionary. This book makes a very important contribution to the field of Hausa language, linguistics, and cultural studies.”―Beverly Mack, The University of Kansas “The definitions are remarkably clear and concise. This totally new work is sure to become the dictionary of choice for Hausa language scholars and students at all level...

Britannica Student Encyclopedia

I love this little encyclopedia set so far. The graphic format is very straightforward, nothing flashy to distract kids from the relevant info. The books are relatively small and light, easy to open and browse. Paragraphs are short and seem to be well written for young audiences. I can't speak much to content because my experience is too limited, but I am definitely looking forward to putting this set through its paces with Grade 1-3...

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, 7th Edition

Nicely produced book. We got it for our 16- year-old daughter. Although you get can get the same type of information online, it's still nice to have as a reference book that recommends some good movies. Great thing to have if you're trying to decide what to watch or rent some night. Very helpful for kids who are trying out to expand their knowledge of movies beyond the most recent films.