A Systems Approach to Modeling Community Development Projects

This book makes the case for a systems approach to small-scale community development projects. It specifically looks at the application of one branch of systems science, called system dynamics, to develop conceptual models of small-scale communities and address specific issues they might be facing at different scales. A systems approach recognizes that, by definition, communities are complex adaptive systems consisting of multiple su...

Nasa At 50: Interviews With Nasa's Senior Leadership (NASA History)

NOTE: NO FURTHER DISCOUNT FOR THIS PRINT PRODUCT-- OVERSTOCK SALE -- Significantly reduced list price NASA SP 2012-4114. Rebecca Wright, Sandra Johnson, Steven J. Dick, editors. Provides a snapshot of the thinking of NASA senior leadership on the occasion of its 50th anniversary and in the midst closing year of the presidency of GeorgW. Bush, only a month before the presidential election and in the midst of a worldwide economic crisi...

Pipeline Transportation of Carbon Dioxide Containing Impurities

Pipeline systems are expected to play an increasingly important role in transporting carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from flue stacks to distant fields for sequestration purposes or for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). The phase diagram for a CO2 stream is very sensitive to the level of impurities, and this in turn affects pipeline design and the boundaries within which CO2 pipelines can be operated, without affecting the facilities design...

Manufacturing Excellence: Renewal and Rebirth

God is not tamed by our theological speculations, nor by our churches, our managerial skills, or even our prayers. The Incarnate Word does not philosophize or theologize or reorganize; He lives, loves, comforts, heals, transforms. This is the way of Incarnational spirituality, an on-going dynamic for persons who would really let God loose in their lives. The Gospel happens anew each day in the tiniest of events. It gives Jesus, the I...

The Physics of Degradation in Engineered Materials and Devices: Fundamentals and Principles

The natural ageing and degradation of materials has been a subject of study by engineers and scientists for many, many years. But with the demands placed on new engineered materials and devices for electronics, computing, aerospace and biomedical applications, the reliability of such over time has become more and more crucial. This new book brings together experts and key players in the physics of ageing to present the current thinki...

Advanced Technologies In Biodiesel (Thermal Science and Energy Engineering Collection)

The important strategic issue of the 21st century states that the struggle for existence is the struggle for sustainable energy. In the last few years, the interest in renewable fuels has increased dramatically due to high demand of energy and the limitation of fossil fuel. Given the rapidly increasing demand for energy which is projected to double by mid-21st century, it is expected that biodiesels will become an important part of t...

Practical Application of Dependability Engineering

This book provides a wealth of practical knowledge and industry best practices to address dependability management and engineering issues with helpful guidance and checklists from a system life cycle perspective, hence making this book a valued asset as a comprehensive desk-top reference. The topics presented in this book highlight the essence of life cycle management practices and systematic cost-effective solutions focusing on depe...

A Practical Guide to Transmission Electron Microscopy: Fundamentals

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is a very powerful tool for characterizing various types of materials. Using a light microscope, the imaging resolution is at several hundred nanometers, and for a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) at several nanometers. The imaging resolution of the TEM, however, can routinely reach several angstroms on a modem instrument. In addition, the TEM can also provide material structural information, ...

Nanoparticles: Preparation and Characterization

Nanotechnology and nanoparticles have emerged as an important tool towards improving cancer therapeutics and diagnostics. Recognizing the indispensable role of nanoparticles, specifically in targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic and other anti-cancer agents to tumors, this book provides a comprehensive account of the different methods used for the preparation of nanoparticles, including the mechanism behind each method, for a beginne...