Enlightened Sexuality: Essays on Body-Positive Spirituality

Enlightened Sexuality: Essays on Body-Positive Spirituality Author Georg Feuerstein
File size 11.1MB
Year 1989
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

For many Christians spirituality and sexuality are kept in separate compartments of life, limiting both spiritual formation and adult sexual development. This study explored a concept of sacred sexuality, how it might fit into adult sexual development, how it might be expressed across path preferences, and its association with sexual satisfaction. A nonrandom convenience sample of adults was recruited to measure the relationship and strength between the prevalence of sacred qualities during sexual episodes and sexual satisfaction using a multiple regression analysis. It was determined that sacred qualities uniquely predicted a significant portion (12%) of sexual satisfaction after accounting for dyadic adjustment. This study can assist clinicians and spiritual directors in advancing the sexual welfare of their communities, leading to a sexuality that is truly salt and light in the world.


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